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Five Ideas For Setting Mindset During Uncertainty

On this week's Sweetest and Toughest Job Podcast, I'm talking with Kelli Anderson, founder of Mindset Mamas all about finding purpose and pursuing passions as a Mama. We recorded several weeks ago, before the coronavirus had made its way into the lives of most of us here in America. If there was ever a time to focus on mindset, setting intention and finding purpose and passion in everyday life, it's now.

During our chat, Kelli shared some simple ideas that can be put into practice daily. They are manageable and can help in feeling fulfilled and whole. In a time of so much uncertainty and a lot of stress, it is important to turn inwards and make sure we are taking care of ourselves so we can be calm, present and positive for our children.

Here are five ideas shared by Kelli:

1. Journal

Even if just for a few minutes, jotting down ideas, thoughts, feelings, something that sparked happiness in your day or something you are feeling anxious or uncertain about. Expressing yourself on paper has healing and therapeutic benefits.

2. Sitting in Silence for 10 Minutes

Sitting in silence can be calming, empowering and centering. In a time where many of us are at home with multiple family members under one roof this might be a challenge to find a quiet time and space. Maybe you get up 10 minutes before everyone else in the morning, maybe you sneak into a quiet room after everyone has gone to bed, maybe you ask your partner to watch the kids for 10 minutes and sneak away for some solitude. Those 10 minutes can recharge your battery and spark positivity.

3. Exercise for 5-10 Minutes

It's often difficult for us to find time, especially now with everyone at home all the time, to exercise. I love the idea of just doing 5-10 minutes because it is manageable and achievable. This is also something you can involve your kids in. Do some yoga poses, some simple exercise moves or a quick walk. Getting the heart pumping and blood flowing is invigorating.

4. Five Minutes of Meditation

Similar to sitting in silence, meditation can help you center, gather your thoughts and regain focus. When things are uncertain and out of our control, meditation can be a wonderful tool to find positivity and regain balance in the chaos of the day to day.

5. Writing down The Big 3

I loved this suggestion from Kelli. We often have huge lists of things we want to get done every day. Chores, errands, tasks around the house. If you write down just three simple and manageable things to accomplish each day, it is achievable and doable to get them done!

Write down 1 thing you'd like to accomplish for yourself, 1 household chore, and 1 thing to get the kids out of the house.

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